Lawn Development and Maintainence Programs

Lawns are an area of aesthetic and recreational land planted with grasses or other low durable plants, which usually are maintained at a lower and consistent height. Lawns are a common feature of private gardens and public landscapes and parks in many parts of the world now. Lawns may have originated as grassed enclosures within early medieval settlements used for communal grazing of livestock. Now they service primarily for our playing and viewing pleasure.

Many different species of grass are used, depending on the intended use and the climate. Coarse grasses are used where active sports are played, and finer grasses for ornamental lawns looked upon. Some grasses adapted to oceanic climates with cooler summers, and others to tropical and continental climates with hotter summers.Often a mix grass or low plant types is used to form a stronger lawn when one type does better in the warmer seasons and the other in the colder one.

Billions of dollars are spent yearly in the establishment and maintainence of lawns. Lawn care is very simple with the right techniques and products to help you. We center our programs directly around your climate, location and type of grassto maximize growth. Seasonal lawn establishment and care varies depending on the climate zone and type of lawn that is grown.

Our programs consist of liquid, granular or dry soluble powder. With the use of your spinkler system we offer a complete kit that fertlizes your lawn every time you water. This provides a consistent amount of nutrients needed for each watering. If you need a more comprehensive fertilizer program, please feel free to contact us directly.